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I recently returned home from a beautiful trip to Florida. Rather than going with the purpose of sightseeing and visiting various amusement parks, a group of like-minded women and I traveled specifically to help run a workshop for The Magic Yarn Project (which makes soft wigs made of yarn for children with hair loss). The workshop allowed us, along with hundreds of other volunteers, to make over 400 wigs for children in need!

Prior to arriving at the airport, I had made arrangements to carpool with four other women to our destination to save money. The three of us who landed in Florida first sat together and crocheted and chatted while we waited for the others to arrive. As typically happens when mothers spend time socializing, our conversations quickly turned to our families and children. It was lovely to learn about these women I’d never met before and see both the similarities and differences in our personalities and circumstances. It was even more rewarding to have these conversations while creating together – each of us crocheting a different colored beanie to be used in various wigs. The creative and procreative nature of women was apparent to me in those few short hours of discussions.

This month’s tenet is, “We are empowered by our feminine nature and biology.” Shelli shares her thoughts on creativity and community, inspired by the recent solar eclipse. Chelsea and Katrina both address the current trend of influencers in social media and discuss how mothers can be influential in their families and community with their contributions in the home. Emily shares her friend’s heartbreaking but beautiful story of how she created art from ashes, and Kaylee describes the powerful synergy of spirit that comes from the unification of unique voices. Norma discusses how womanhood is in the body and the spirit together, and Lisa ponders her journey of motherhood and her nearly-empty nest.

Ponder your own insights of feminine nature and womanhood as you read these unique and inspiring articles from our talented authors.